Dreams of a Nation

In 2060, ten years after a devastating civil war, Israel has become a consolidated theocracy. One of the intellectual architects of the new regime, Rabbi Yojanan Kaplan’s body is found dead in a Talmudic school where he had chosen to humbly spend the rest of his days. Faced with an all too fast, and not all too credible resolution of the murder case, Detective Abraham “Abi” Konigsberg sets off on a dizzying race in search of the truth in the company of a young journalist enrolled in the clandestine resistance movement. In line with dystopian and science fiction literature classics, Dreams of a Nation not only solves the case of a murder in a near future where privacy has ceased to exist and robots have taken over all fields of life, but continues on the search for the soul of a people who at one point in history, seemed to have lost it.

Europa: tradición o proyecto

The book is a compilation of twelve articles written by twelve young Europeans of different nationalities, educational and general backgrounds, backed by two experienced authors in the privileged task of thinking of Europe: Javier Solana and Felix Duque. The book was born out of the realisation that the European project (or was it was just a promise?), is showing symptoms of unexpected as well as undesired exhaustion. The common ideals that gave the project for a union a sense of strength seem to have disappeared in an all too cruel scenario where only the most naive believe the crisis to be solely circumscribed to the economic realm. In the face of this challenge, this book presents a collective and plural response in which different disciplines come together around a decidedly philosophical hypothesis.