Can the murder of one man
restore freedom?



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«Dreams of a Nation reads like a possible – although let’s hope unlikely – future. An accurately depicted world dominated by technology imbibed from Huxley, Orwell or Blade Runner more than Asimov or Arthur C Clarke. A new narrative voice in contemporary Spanish literature.»


«A very unique and well-written novel. A highly accomplished detective-dystopian mystery come political thriller.»


«Boasts the boldness and strength of currently greatly succesful dystopias like the The Man in the High Castle and Handmaid’s Tale.»



Elías Cohen

I was born in 1983 in Malaga, on the 21st of July. The temperature in Antarctica on that day was the lowest on register until then: -89.2ºC. Cinemas around the world were screening the Return of the Jedi. It would be another two years before the DMC DeLorean car would travel in time, and four years until the premier of The Princess Bride. Every Breath you Take, by The Police, was top of the pops. Stephen King, the amazing Stephen King, was selling Pet Cemetery like hot cakes. Isaac Asimov’s The Robots of Dawn was also a hit, and X-Men were celebrating their twenty-year anniversary. Not bad at all.


Dreams of a Nation

In 2060, ten years after a devastating civil war, Israel has become a consolidated theocracy. One of the intellectual architects of the new regime, Rabbi Yojanan Kaplan’s body is found dead in a Talmudic school where he had chosen to humbly spend the rest of his days. Faced with an all too fast, and not all too credible resolution of the murder case, Detective Abraham “Abi” Konigsberg sets off on a dizzying race in search of the truth in the company of a young journalist enrolled in the clandestine resistance movement. In line with dystopian and science fiction literature classics, Dreams of a Nation not only solves the case of a murder in a near future where privacy has ceased to exist and robots have taken over all fields of life, but continues on the search for the soul of a people who at one point in history, seemed to have lost it.

Publications and Articles

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